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TSince the establishment of POWER E-Go Technologies in 2000, its founder Dr. Jing-Yih Cherng has used his 30 years of battery research experience to assemble Taiwan’s most complete lithium battery R&D team.

Between 2006 to 2011, the team successfully completed three R&D projects with the collaboration of governmental and academic institutions and produced high powered lithium ion batteries, long life lithium ion batteries and NMC batteries (nickel, manganese and cobalt) which contain STOBA safety technology. With this, POWER E-Go Technologies became the first to use STOBA safety features in its lithium ion batteries.

Invested in the development of local innovation and technology, POWER E-Go collaborates with the Academia Senica, Chung Shan Institute of Science & Technology, Europes’ RISO and universities both in Taiwan and elsewhere. Such collaborations help POWER E-Go develop the latest advancements in research and technology for E-bikes and future products that will require 3C batteries.

In 2000, POWER E-Go became the first company that produced lithium ion battery cells with Al-laminated-film pouch packing technology in its production line which increases safety and efficiency of the batteries. From the design and production of materials to its automatic production line, POWER E-Go has invested time and expertise in every step of manufacturing its product. Having mastered the technologies of electrode material improvement, slurry dispersion and coating of electrode modular construction of battery systems, the process of serial and parallel configuration and the technologies of quick detection and screening, POWER E-Go is able to able to produce a high quality product with high-efficiency production capability while maintaining a competitive price on the market. Always with the environment in mind, the company has designed its manufacturing line to recycle and reuse materials.

POWER E-Go has developed a strong network of connections with a variety of companies in the E-bike and battery pack industry giving it the ability to provide complete customer service. Its small and medium sized battery packs are used in a variety of products including E-Bikes, E-Scooters and 30WH-3KWh home appliances. POWER E-Go’s large battery packs are used in UPS, battery packs for PHEV/BEV、smart grid、large-scale energy storage systems for renewable energy。

POWER E-Go has been using STOBA technology by ITRI with the support of the Department of Industrial Technology Research & Development Program to create highly safe lithium batteries for electric cars with the hopes of redoubling our energy costs. Although there is a slight increase in the development potential of the electric vehicle applications, the high safety of the STOBA technology still allows for the lithium batteries to reach an energy density of 180 Wh/Kg. This production in 2012 will gradually replace the traditional lithium battery pool in order to expand more into the electric car market by actively planning to expand the plant capacity by 10-20 times, expanding even further to the domestic and export markets.

In 13 years, POWER E-Go Technologies has advanced lithium energy research by developing its own materials and technologies in house. POWER E-Go has redesigned the way in which the industry produces the product and raised the standards for quality and efficiency. Furthermore, by working with the government to advance the use of green technology in governmental policies, POWER E-Go strives to make Taiwanese lithium ion batteries competitive in the global market.